You've got questions, I've got answers!


What is a VA?

A VA is a Virtual Assistant. VA's are becoming increasingly popular as the need to hire a full time person such as a Personal or Executive assistant may not be completely there yet. VA's can help you get all the tasks done that you either don't want to do or don't have the time to do. This allows you to be more effective by having the support you need.


Why would I work with a VA, when I can do everything myself?

You simply can’t continue to do it all yourself and enjoy life! Working with a VA will give you back time so that you can concentrate on reaching your goals. Instead of being burdened with the nitty gritty work you can concentrate on parts of the business you love! This will let you work towards:

  • Increasing your revenue and profits

  • Increasing your productivity and stability

  • Stress is reduced and deadlines are met


How much is this going to cost me?

To be honest, what is it costing you to not get the help you need? We can do this lots of ways, per project cost, per hour cost, etc.

Also, what is the monetary value of your time? Got the number? Whatever that is, that’s how much it is costing you to do your administrative tasks. A VA is much more cost-efficient and can probably do those tasks more proficiently.

I want to setup what's right for both of us and the best way to do that is via an initial consultation. You can set one up via the CONTACT page or email me directly at  erin@mabelyq.com


What if there’s something I want to hire you to do, but I’m not sure if you can do it?

This industry is constantly evolving, and I’m always down for learning something new. If it’s something brand new to me, I’ll do the research and let you know whether it’s something that I can do for you! There’s also subcontracting.



How will we communicate?

Email, Skype, phone, text etc. and we will figure out those details together on what works best for you.


When can I send you tasks or get on a call with you?

I am on Eastern Standard Time Zone. I am available for calls M-F from 9am-5pm. Email is the best method to reach me at erin@mabelyq.com. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before or after business hours, I will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them. Once under contract you will be provided my cell phone number for any urgent requests or to setup project briefings.

I will be taking vacation time off, but will always ensure that you know about the dates well in advance.