Learning About the Graphic Design Industry, Part 3.

Types of Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer is really an overarching term for designers. There are so many different types of designers. Knowing what kind of designer you need will allow you to be specific and talk to the right person at the beginning of your process.

Here are some of main different types of graphic designers: graphic designer, interactive/web designer, motion designer and animator.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer someone who uses images and graphic elements by using platforms such as Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. They work with typography, shapes, colors and images to bring their client’s vision to life. The materials they create can range from logos, branding materials, brochures, flyers, posters, magazines, books, packaging, presentations, illustrations.

Interactive/Web Designer

A Web Designer is different from a Web Developer, but may know some programming languages. There are several different types of web designers that you will want to know prior to hiring them.

  • User Experience (UX): this focuses on the type of experience that a user has when they’re using the website, app or tool to make sure that their experience is a positive one.

  • User Interface (UI): this focuses on how the user will navigate through the website, app or tool by using different elements.

  • Information architecture (IA): This person develops the process of how the system is laid out. I liken it to systemizing a process such as how someone may find something in a library. Or designing a house, everything must be considered from where the plumbing goes, or where lights are placed, etc.

The content that web designers create are: websites, landing pages, blog templates, web themes, apps, social media assets, email assets.

Motion Graphic Designer

A motion graphic designer can range from adding movement to still images, adding text or illustrations. They’re able to create a seamless graphic video that will draw in the audience. Some of the things that motion graphic designers would be involved in creating are: explainer videos, promotional videos, animated graphics, product demos, animated presentations.


Exactly what you’re thinking, someone that creates cartoons, Pixar, video games, movies, etc. They bring these things to life. And they can create things such as special effects in movies, animated films, video games.

Knowing the type of job you will want your graphic designer to do, you will be able to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for the job.

Erin Perkins