Finding the Right Words that Represent Your Values, Ideals, Business...

Step 2: What are some of the words that represent your values, your ideals, your business?

You started your business for a reason. You started it because you felt like there was a gap in the market.

When it comes to your values, think about what you as a person represents. Think about some of the people that you love, respect (whether it’s a best friend, a parent, a relative, or just someone you admire), what are some of the values they hold -- are they the same values as yours?

Think about how you want your clients to feel when they hire you to do something for their business. What feelings do you want them to have?

Answer this question when thinking about your business, what makes your business important, and what’s unique about it?

Take about 10-15 minutes to write down as many words as you want. There will be overlap in meaning with some of the words, but just write them down. We will cull down the words to help you be more specific about what your values are.

Here are some examples of words you could use:

  1. Freedom
  2. Passion
  3. Simplicity
  4. Appreciation
  5. Balance
  6. Grace
  7. Adventure
  8. Flexibility
  9. Individuality
  10. Openness
  11. Respect
  12. Fairness

Once you’ve got your list, start sorting similar words into specific groups. You’ll find there are many ways to group these words together. There is no right or wrong! It's what makes the MOST sense to you.

Out of these words: I could group together the following:

  1. Freedom, Balance, Adventure.

  2. Appreciation, Openness, Respect, Fairness, Grace

  3. Individuality, Simplicity, Passion

Once you group these words together, you can use these words to help you come up with a word or phrase that represent each group. Here are a couple of my values based on the grouping of words.

  1. Balance: Find Balance. Help people to give themselves to create their ideal work/life balance.

  2. Appreciation: Show appreciation towards one another. Be generous. Show that we care. Offer Grace.

  3. Manifest: To manifest new ideas, various forms of inspiration, a fun space to want to try new things. A space to communicate & collaborate with one another.

Now you’ve got your values for your business! Time for the next step! COLORS!

Erin Perkins