Time to Refine Your Mood Board

Step 6: Refining your Mood board 

Even though you have your images pinned in Pinterest, sometimes you need a simple one pager that unifies all the images that you've picked out to truly bring your vision to life!

One of the things I've done is created templates for you in InDesign or Canva. I’ve created templates in both for you to use.

So how do you do this? In Pinterest, you will right click and click save image as. This will allow you to import these images into Canva or place them InDesign.

I like to use the smaller boxes to showcase the color scheme. The bigger boxes to show the look and feel I want my business to take. The medium size boxes could be for shapes or textures that I am drawn to.

Once you’ve got all your images added to your canvas, you are done! Yay!!!! You’ve created your own mood board! How does it feel? Do you love every piece of that mood board - from the colors, shapes, textures, visuals that you’ve chosen? Does it feel, say, represent everything that you envision your brand being?



I bet you're feeling good about being able to bring your vision to life, but there's something missing, isn't there? What about your actual logo & brand? Let's hop on the phone and discuss the next steps for bringing your brand to life.

You can schedule a free consultation call with me so that we can start developing your logo and your brand! I’m super excited to be working with you on your brand! Here is the link for the consultation call.


Erin Perkins