Look & Feel of Your Brand

Step 4: The look & feel of your brand.

The look and feel of your brand represent all the visual assets that will give your clients the first impression of what tone and voice of your brand will be like. When a potential client looks at your website or one of your social media pages (such as Facebook or Instagram), this is their first impression of who you are as a business. If you’re not consistent in your message, whether it’s through your visual or written content, it sets the tone right away.

I’d like for you to think about your home, what you wear, or even some of your favorite places you like to go to?

Maybe you have a home by the beach, and the feeling that you get when you’re at the beach is exactly what you want your potential clients to feel like. Or your home is clean, crisp, organized, and that’s something you want to portray through your visuals. You may have lots of plants around your house, that you want more natural elements to show through your brand.


Think about how some of the things around you or the places you go to, and how they make you feel. Try to visualize each of those feelings and write them down.

I also like to mention to make sure it’s something that you’ll still like in 5 years from now, otherwise, you’re going to be rebranding in a year!

Erin Perkins