How do you get started?


What do you want your business/brand to say about you? Your brand is going to be an extension of you.  

I’d like for you to think about some of the other businesses that you do business with, whether it’s a place that you go to regularly for coffee or a place you always buy your jewelry or a person that you follow on Instagram.

For example, I love Stella & Dot jewelry. They design a lot of simple jewelry but they’re each unique in their own way. I love that they add a little twist to the classic pieces! Another place of business I am a fan of is, Article. I follow them on Instagram, I have yet to purchase one of their furniture pieces, but I aspire to! I appreciate that they add a twist to the mid-century modern furniture without it being too mid-century!

What are the qualities of those businesses that you love that keeps you coming back?

In regards to those two companies, they do follow trends, however, they still stay true to the classics. Whether it’s adding a slight twist to the design, or the color, that’s something I like to do! Honor the classics but bring it into the modern world! Same goes with Room & Board. They keep their furnishings clean and classic, but add a little something extra! Another example would be that the business’ core values are something that you embody, which is why you keep coming back to shop at the business.

Evaluate whether those business values are something that you want your brand to be known for?

Erin Perkins