Even though you have your images pinned in Pinterest, sometimes you need a simple one pager that unifies all the images that you've picked out to truly bring your vision to life!

One of the things I've done is created templates for you in InDesign or Canva. I’ve created templates in both for you to use!

How do you bring it all together? I like to use Pinterest! It’s an easy way to save all the images in one place!
Create a board called “Mood board Inspiration”  (it can be secret!) on your Pinterest account.

The look and feel of your brand represent all the visual assets that will give your clients the first impression of what tone and voice of your brand will be like. When a potential client looks at your website or one of your social media pages (such as Facebook or Instagram), this is their first impression of who you are as a business. If you’re not consistent in your message, whether it’s through your visual or written content, it sets the tone right away.